I am very excited…and tired at the same time. You see, I love being a dietitian…always have…since I was a little girl, actually. But funny how life changes:  now I am a mother to three and a wife before I am a dietitian. So I am still excited about my life’s work, but the day to day grind of being a mother is tiring as all mothers know. I am also excited about documenting my travels as a mothering dietitian. I have wanted to write a blog for a few years now, and I better get on with it since my kids are already 7, 4 and 23 months. Life is passing by and I have too much to say. In a word: food. That is what I have to say. I live for food. I love how it works in the body, can make us happy, sad or cry. I love that I have the most important job in the world: teach my kids and others on how to make the best choices of foods every day. Unlike drugs, alcohol, guns, and politics….we can’t avoid food J We have to embrace it: every day. So this blog is about how a dietitian (who cares more about food than politics…even though they sometimes cross paths) feeds her own children, their friends, my extended family and anyone else who crosses my path. I am typing this just after we finished a meal of chocolate cinnamon chicken. This is how I market to my kids. To me it is a classic mole sauce with bitter chocolate, tomatoes, chicken breast, cinnamon, (coffee-not so classic), onion and corn tortillas. To my kids it’s a close second to dessert. Who cares? If you care about feeding your kids new and fun/interesting foods, but need a dose of reality thrown in by me, then this blog is for you!