What Motivates You to Eat Your Best?

Who are you connected to?

Recently, I reviewed the documentary film, Food Patriots and I reviewed to give registered dietitians and nutritionists the facts about raising animals versus why we choose to eat the foods we eat. I found a connection in this film to my personal life: the raising of urban chickens. Call it a trend if you want to, but my children are learning a lot of food systems and life and death! Even in the film one of their chickens was killed by the neighbor dog.....my family had the same experience the week I was writing the review! Yes, we're connected to our chickens.

raising urban chickens food patriotThe bottom line of my review of Food Patriot is this: we all have our journey of what we enjoy to eat while nourishing our bodies....are educating our children (or other family and young friends in our lives) and we want to make sure the future generations reap the benefit of our work....at least trying to make sure the future kids will have security in their food choices. Amen?

As a Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, food talk is daily between those that went to school to learn about nutrition and those that are passionate about nutrition...for different reasons. Then there are my Healthy Start, SNAP and WIC clients. These are the Americans I see every day and I want to champion their voice for nutrition....

This week, I met a lovely young lady that is expecting her third child. SHE is the product of the foster system. She now has (in the past year due to domestic violence) experienced foster care for her oldest child....he is 5 years-old and she expects his return to her home in the summer. Meanwhile, she delivered the most angelic baby girl 6 months ago. This baby girl is the product of a mother that is motivated to take control of her body when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. She received great prenatal care. The reason I met this mother this week was because she is expecting baby #3 now. The perfect baby girl and her unborn sibling will be 10-11 months apart in age. Why do I share this with you? Because this mother is motivated to be the healthiest she is capable of achieving. Even though she has many strikes against her: anemia, excess weight, diabetes, multiple fathers involved, state and federal food assistance, no employment, no paternal commitment to her children-yet dependence for shelter on him.

She is motivated to live a nutritious life. What motivates you? We all have our reasons to eat our best. And we all have our own journey.urban-chicken-food-patriot

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