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Life is good when it is good. Have you heard this phrase before? It is so true. Since I have stepped into life as a full-time small business owner this year with many goals, naturally, that has already changed in one month.

Like many Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, I too am an overachiever. Not bad, right? If life is not moving like the speed of light, I will fill in the space and time with more cool things to do—both for work and my family. My new goals for 2017 include updating videos on, which I love creating. P.S. if there is a fun topic you would love to see, please let me know! I also plan on updating this blog with more recipes and fun topics.

I was thrown a curveball last week.

I sprained my back while I was ‘of course’ rushing to get out the door with food for one of my personal chef clients. I collapsed to the floor a few feet from the door and my body was not letting me get up. Yes, my husband later said, “you need one of those necklaces to press and signal law enforcement that you’ve fallen and couldn’t get up.” Ha ha—well, not so ha ha. The next day I was planning on attending a meeting with my fellow Florida RDNs in Orlando. I love volunteering for my profession and I do not enjoy letting colleagues down. But a few cool things have happened this week while I was recovering.

  1. My daughter was home with me that day I collapsed. She was my angel who had been home for the 4th day in a row with a fever and cough. I decided that morning (before the incident) to have her stay one last day before heading back to school. Wow—who knew she would help me since I was taking care of her most of the week?! She was my caregiver that day and we ended up watching funny shows and laughing together. I won’t forget ‘our day’ together and I’m pretty sure she won’t either.
  2. The first person I called when I fell was my client who I have been cooking for almost three years. Since I had already texted I was on my way, I called to tell her what the situation was. She has never been to my house, but she came right over and helped me out—again—a blessing that day.
  3. I was forced to slow way down. Way, way down! I finished a few books, caught up on professional writing projects and have learned to listen to my body a lot more.

I am back to cooking—in shorter spurts--- which I love to do more than anything. I’m also inspired to build on relationships in my life this year and hopefully you will notice this in future blogs and videos. Spoiler alert—my next video is all about saturated fat, foods to eat more of and I’m sharing my personal lipid profile---I was even surprised! Stay tuned!

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