hustle-bustle-of-school-and-post-summer-with-kidsSeptember= hustle, bustle of school+post-summer vacation energy+ holidays r-approaching=a productive season. R U with me? This time of year speaks volumes of pumpkin (premature IMHO until October), spices and cravings of the warm holidays looming soon. In my work and personal world, this means connecting with families relating to family obesity, families craving nutritious meals and the ultimate—"we-want-to-get-healthy-before-the-holidays-of-November-and-December".
I hear you and I can relate. Kids are in full swing of fall sports and homework; projects at work are due before the holidays. It is a VERY full-schedule before the end of 2014.
I just have to take a step back and share an almost-crazy, but ended-up-being-funny situation in my home last night:
Background: we're not a canned beer-drinking family....but, there has been 1 can of Rolling Rock in the fridge for a few weeks. Why? My Dad found it while on a walk and put it in our fridge. All righty then! I'm all for recycling, but my Dad takes to a different level. Any who....we do have cans of lime sparkling water in the closet and sometimes in the fridge.
Last night while I was in my office, my 5-year-old was in the kitchen working on his homework. I left him for 5 minutes. I hear that sound of a can opening. You know the sound. I think: wow-the kid that does not like sparkling water is so thirsty (the day before we go to the store & we are out of juice, milk & tea -water is about it), that he cracks open a lime sparkling water. You know what happens next, but picture in your mind:
The 5-year-old is humming while coloring and has a can of beer next to him. As soon as I process the situation, I calmly look in the full open can (processing what is happening) and then I ask, "so how are you doing?"  Background: this is my child that never dives into trying a new food....always takes a microscopic taste on his tongue before accepting the food". He responds, "I'm fine, but I dipped my finger in the water & it is disgusting (making a face)!!!"
There you have it. The rest of the beer was shared with the plants in front of the house.
Here are a few tips I live by for my family of 5 and that I recommend for any and all during this crazy time of year:

  1. For the adult in the home, please know by 9 a.m. what you are feeding the family that evening. We all know what happens when we don't plan ahead: hunger, arguments, ultimatums and meals we regret since we did not think ahead. Personally, I always have a plan for my crew-whether they realize it or not.
  2. BUT, sometimes you wing it! Anyone who works + family= strategizing about the next endeavor.
  3. Balance fitness as a family (or walk around the park while you watch your kids in a sports practice) and keep the peace.

Personally, if we do not have fitness every day...there are meltdowns—myself included. I try to see the humor in these busy times...sometimes it is hard, but at the end of the day when I picture my 5-year-old opening a can a beer thinking it is water—well.....