Family Meal Time: Where Do You SIT?

I have another confession to make. You already know my least favorite (yet very nutritious) food is the egg. Now I have another topic I have wanted to discuss. I want lots of comments after this posting! The topic: is where you eat when you eat with your family. I actually love to stand up while I eat…..for a few reasons. Every job I have ever had was in a kitchen (pre-RD and during college). Chefs eat while they stand and I have been doing it since I was 16. I have never been a waitress/server, but have always worked in the kitchen and most of the time passing dishes to the servers. So it is very natural(ly learned?) for me to stand and taste and then eat.  So I would say it is the eating issue I personally work on the most. I sat with my kids when they were in the high-chair learning how to use a spoon. My how quickly those days pass—I have already done it 3 times!; and I try to sit most of the time. But really my favorite way to eat with my children when my husband is not here for a meal is the following scenario: me standing behind the counter chopping and slicing or stirring something on the stove and dishing out to my 3 kids on the other side of the counter; they sit on chairs and I stand. We all use plates, cups and utensils. We are close to each other, no TV. or computer is on and we talk. I love that the counter is both the table and place where I slice and dice since it is only one surface to wipe after the meal. Again, most meals are together as a family and my husband would never stand up to eat!  But I have noticed that I do it most of the time when it is just the 3 and me.  I still wipe chairs and the floor, but I also have noticed that I am happier as a mother when I serve meals to them this way. I would be constantly going back and forth from the far away table to the (sink, fridge, counter etc. anyway). Actually, I make them get what they need, but I notice that it is less STRESSFUL during meal time now that the 2-year-old is not in the high-chair when we eat at the counter. I maintain that eating together as family should not involve DVDs, TV programs or computers. There is a major disconnect between families when this occurs. I also know that research shows that teens that eat with their families are less likely to: experiment with drugs and alcohol and/or have sex at an early age and they are more likely to communicate with their families. So to me, whatever is the happiest way to provide a meal at home is the best way.

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