Do You Know What's in Your Protein Bar?

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I know I usually stand alone when I make the statement, “I really do enjoy cooking and baking.” Yes, I get it. Time is an issue for most when it comes to cooking. Skills may be another reason. Passion, though—yes, I have the passion and some people lack that in the kitchen. When I find out about locals who change the lives of others with their gifts and talents, such as baking, I pay attention. BakeBars.com is one of those products that makes me think---yes, this a product that will get people in the kitchen with pre-measured protein bar ingredients—genius!

We all know there are so many protein bars on the market. Most of my clients read ingredient lists. I do too. Making them at home is a great idea, but what if you need a little direction with how much and what to put in the recipe. Here is a breakdown of the what and the why in a homemade protein bar kit you make at home with pre-measured ingredients.

1. Protein sources: peanut or almond butter, pea protein, brown rice protein, oat flour, seeds-pumpkin, hemp and chia. These are all plant-based protein sources and add up to a nice 12 to 14 grams per bar for a quick breakfast or post-workout mini meal. Eating a food with a good source of protein-especially in the morning—is key for appetite control later in the day, which can help you stay at a healthy weight. Another cool point about protein is that most foods with protein also include fat—you know that fat tastes great!

2. Fat—monounsaturated -is great for our brain and heart health. We used to ‘think’ that HDL cholesterol was the only good point about fat in foods….but memory and inflammation of the body are just as important. Choosing more fats with purpose is a good idea. Tropical oils still are high in saturated fat without protein, so choosing those less often is best.
There was a day---a decade ago---when fats from food were the drug dealers on the block. Now we know through amazing research that fat from food is great for our head and heart—liquid fat from nuts and seeds are the best liquid fats for our bodies. My Grandpa used to call me a ‘fat head’—he was right 
A few other key ingredients in homemade protein bars are:

3. Honey—to bind the peanut butter, flours and seeds together. Honey adds a slight sweetness without being overbearing in sweetness. Some bars can taste too sweet-similar to a candy bar.

4. Cacao nibs-the word antioxidant comes to mind when this cocoa bean is mentioned, which is important for our hearts too.

5. Sea salt---we LOVE salt-it brings a vibrant flavor to foods, but a larger crystal actually gives us less sodium and more bang—it also---brings out the sweet of the honey, which is fun buddy system they have.

The bottom line here is: there are parts to a puzzle that are separate, but when they come together—a masterpiece is created. That is baking. That’s what’s in your BakeBars protein bar.

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