chapter 20 life as a dietitianWait—what happened to chapter 19? Well, here it is—I am not afraid to embrace change. Do you like a change of pace like I do and know the benefit outweighs the risk?

Twenty years ago I became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. No, I was not appointed with a wand. I did the work: 4 years of college classes, 1200 hours of internship---yep—and a grueling national test, which back in the day I had to drive to the University of Florida—no online test for us then. After working in hospitals for 5 years I went on to grab that Master of Public Health degree. I drove to Tampa after working a 40-hour week-just when a few online classes were starting. I still did the commute and cried MANY nights after working and going to classes. The work, the degree, the drive—I did it. #Proud #Passion. This is my 20th year as a RDN!

This month I am leaving one of my passions to embrace another. I resigned from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (13 years) to pursue another passion: continue my private practice and chef duties for medically-challenged clients along with meeting with clients to prevent that in-patient diagnosis. I have worked both sectors part-time, which still has been a very full-time life! The time has come to be full-time. I am so energized!

We all have passions: degrees, work, marriage, kids, pets, travel, etc. Most days I see a mix of it all—whatever the passion or vision is. Just know this:

  1. Your passion needs to be lived. Money should not be the drive. Live your passion. Live that love instead.
  2. I used to use the word, ‘balance’ to describe work and family life, but now it’s a chip on my shoulder. I work, raise a family and do not have a housekeeper. I aim to not stress about the shape of the house, but I still struggle—to be honest---every day is a new one, though, yes?
  3. Every year I do a self- evaluation—do you? Where are you with work, family, and friends? Take a risk—I love a risk even if I fail. And guess what? I make mistakes at least once an hour-I’m ok with that—sometimes I laugh at myself and sometimes I cry. I still love my passion: nutrition.

Cheers to you this new year---I would love to stay connected with you on FB live, Twitter, Instagram or in person—because that is what our journey is all about. Let’s share a meal, toast or catch up. Live love.