eggs a healthy lifestyleIt's that time of year when Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) celebrate the month of March with National Nutrition Month! This year's theme is Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle, which may be perceived in a few different ways.

  1. If you have children the "please take one more bite of broccoli" mantra may come to mind or
  2. If you love apples biting into one for a snack may be on your mind or
  3. You may think—who cares—I already live a healthy lifestyle!

I'm Blogging National Nutrition MonthWhat comes to my mind is this: every time we choose to eat we have the choice to eat how much and whatever we want to eat. This is a luxury for many people! I see so many clients of all ages that eat the same foods over and over. Meals and snacks are viewed as routine and are not always enjoyed.

I consider myself an adventurous eater. Just ask my RDN friends! If they aren't willing to try a new food or recipe, they'll say, "Sarah will try it!" I think that's pretty cool. I wasn't always this way. I ate many of the same foods over and over in my teens and in my 20s. And eggs were always on my "I don't eat it list". Many are surprised to know that since my family owns chickens now—yes, just for the eggs-- I got over my ha phase of disliking eggs. The reason was like so many others: I was forced to eat them as a child and a few episodes of that torture led me to avoid eggs until my 30s. I wanted to do what I tell my clients—try new foods and eat a variety of foods. If I don't that makes me a hypocrite, right?! You know how I overcame my dislike of eggs? One tiny bite at a time and one recipe at a time until I found the winner, winner "egg" dinner recipe!

To me there are so many recipes and flavor combinations to try in a lifetime that it is possible to eat different fruits, vegetables, protein foods and desserts every day of our lives! So I challenge you to tackle foods you may dislike or haven't enjoyed in a while. Take it one bite at a time until you find your winning recipe. Bon appetit!

Eating delicious meals and being healthy at the same time...well, that is what most people crave. Find a RDN near you at